Researchers say EU climate change plans will ripple through foreign policy

The European University Institute and two influential think-tanks have predicted the European Union’s goal to have zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 will have “profound geopolitical repercussions,” including sharply lower revenue to oil and gas exporting neighbours such as Russia, Algeria and Libya. By its own estimates, EU oil imports by 2050 would drop […]

Energy leaders say ‘forgotten workhorse’ hydropower needs government support

Energy agencies have urged governments to provide incentives to help drive investment in hydropower as the “forgotten workhorse” if the world is to meet pledges to cut emissions and combat climate change. The sector has faced ire from campaigners and scrutiny by governments over its impact on rivers and biodiversity, but is the world’s biggest […]

French court rules France not doing enough on climate change

France’s government must do more to combat climate change, a French court has said, in what environmental campaigners called a landmark ruling that could ramp up pressure on other countries to act on global warning. The case was brought by a group of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who accused the French state of not living up […]

Climate adviser: Biden team in talks with utilities, car companies about emissions

White House domestic climate change adviser Gina McCarthy has told Reuters Newsagency United States President Joe Biden’s administration has started discussions with the utility and automobile sectors about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The talks are part of a broad effort by the Biden administration that Ms McCarthy will spearhead to engage every federal agency to […]

New data reveals 2020 was a shocker for gas, but great for solar and wind

New data reveals gas generation in Australia’s largest electricity grid fell by 19 per cent in 2020 while solar and wind had a record year despite the COVID-19 pandemic.  “This latest data clearly shows that gas is on the way out and has no role to play in our economic recovery,” said Climate Council researcher […]