Wildfires in Siberia are predictable through wind speed trends, analysis shows

Fire managers can benefit significantly from enhanced weather predictions based on warm air masses near boreal areas in southernmost Siberia, where wildfires release high levels of carbon and methane from the thawing permafrost, according to scientists. Active blazes in the lower Amur River basin of the Khabarovsk region, which is prone to wildfire activity, can […]

Peatland fires in Indonesia can be predicted by new evaluation approach, study finds

Indonesia’s peatland fires are better explained by a newly developed approach that considers climate-change impacts and helps predict hotspots of carbon emissions and air pollution from the burning of peat, according to scientists. A rain-related index used by the Japan Meteorological Agency has shown a stronger correlation with active peatland fires in Indonesia than the […]

Boreal forest fires can be forecast by monitoring warm and dry air masses, study finds

Forests in eastern Siberia and Alaska are prone to widespread fires when warm and dry air masses from lower latitudes enter beneath high-pressure systems, presenting additional indicators for meteorologists to predict boreal blazes, scientists say. Improved forecasts can help reduce active forest fires and mitigate the effects of climate change, which has boosted air temperatures […]