Trump Has Nothing Else up His Sleeve

When voters say they want politicians to run the government like a business, they should stipulate which business. Surely not the Trump Organization. A blockbuster New York Times report yesterday suggested that either the president’s real-estate empire is a boondoggle that’s losing millions of dollars a year, or it’s a massive tax-avoidance scheme. (Or perhaps […]

A Paranoid Rant Says a Lot About Where Trumpism Is Headed

No matter how often he’s asked, Donald Trump can’t articulate what his second term as president would look like. He doesn’t need to, because Americans can see for themselves. It looks like Michael Caputo. Caputo is the top spokesperson at the Department of Health and Human Services, which is a job in which you’re supposed […]

The Party of Bill Kristol and Angela Davis

Anyone seeking a metaphor for the current Democratic Party could find one in the final night of this year’s Democratic National Convention. It was an often-dizzying mix of the solemn and the silly, veering between themes and ideas without a clear direction, and unified only by Joe Biden, who delivered a strong acceptance speech to […]