Q+A: Community forests in China’s Sichuan province play a role in panda conservation

In the misty mountains of Pingwu County in China’s province of Sichuan, community forests could offer promising solutions to the dual problem of rural poverty and habitat loss. A recent case study by Tian Yongzhen and Xu Chen — two international natural resource management students  at the University of British Columbia (UBC) — argues that […]

How one think tank is helping step up green finance initiatives in China

The global environmental challenges the world faces require multilateral solutions that involve public and private stakeholders. Increasingly, there is a push to develop green financial systems that offer incentives for corporate actors to reduce carbon emissions, invest in clean energy sources and prioritize conservation of natural resources. Over the past five years, China has made […]

Q+A: Building just societies and resilient landscapes alongside rural women

Rural women play an essential role in using and managing natural resources in forest and tree-based landscapes across the world — at least they should. When women are able to participate in decision-making and equitably share resources and benefits, policies and projects in the forest sector often see increased buy-in and improved outcomes; while initiatives […]

Q+A: CIFOR-ICRAF scientists to speak at tree planting forum

Tree planting is often discussed as a panacea for environmental ailments such as climate change and biodiversity loss. However, this simplistic approach to tree planting threatens to cause more harm than good if investments are not backed by evidence-based practices. At the upcoming Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) tree planting event on Sept. 29, scientists from […]

Canopy Conversations: Team Lioness engages women in wildlife conservation

In Kenya’s Amboseli ecosystem, eight Maasai women risk their lives to protect their ancestral lands from poachers. Together, these young women, aged 20 to 28, make up Team Lioness — one of Kenya’s first all-female community wildlife ranger units in the Olugului Community Wildlife Rangers; they are the first line of defense for wildlife living […]

Dispelling the top seven tree planting misconceptions

“Plant more trees!” has become a rallying cry for global leaders and climate activists around the world who see tree planting as a solution for everything from climate change to food security. The growing interest in this area means it is more important now than ever before to consider effective tree planting that benefits communities […]

‘Bentang-nutrisi’ satu resep untuk nutrisi lebih baik

Sistem pangan global menyempitkan fokus pada tanaman kaya kalori yang miskin nutrisi, mendegradasi ekosistem dan membahayakan kesehatan manusia. Antara tahun 2000 dan 2010, pertanian komersial dan subsisten berkontribusi pada kehilangan hutan tropis hingga 73 persen, menurut Organisasi Pangan dan Pertanian PBB (FAO). Statistik seperti itu tampaknya menunjukkan bahwa tujuan global keamanan pangan, konservasi pohon dan […]

‘Nutri-scapes’ a recipe for better nutrition

Global food systems focus on an ever-narrower range of calorie-rich but nutritionally limited crops, degrade ecosystems and endanger human health. Between  2000 and 2010, commercial and subsistence agriculture combined made up 73 percent of tropical forest loss, according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization. Such statistics seem to suggest that the global objectives of […]