A tree-powered circular bioeconomy

Jeff Bezos is hoping his immense wealth can change more than the retail landscape. With a promise to donate $10 billion to select environmental organizations as part of his Earth Fund, the Amazon Inc. founder and the world’s wealthiest person is also the world’s biggest climate activism donor. The fund aims to help steer the […]

Q+A: Community forests in China’s Sichuan province play a role in panda conservation

In the misty mountains of Pingwu County in China’s province of Sichuan, community forests could offer promising solutions to the dual problem of rural poverty and habitat loss. A recent case study by Tian Yongzhen and Xu Chen — two international natural resource management students  at the University of British Columbia (UBC) — argues that […]

How one think tank is helping step up green finance initiatives in China

The global environmental challenges the world faces require multilateral solutions that involve public and private stakeholders. Increasingly, there is a push to develop green financial systems that offer incentives for corporate actors to reduce carbon emissions, invest in clean energy sources and prioritize conservation of natural resources. Over the past five years, China has made […]