Harness ‘power of landscapes’ to fix health and environmental challenges, report says

Governments must act on the vast benefits of conservation and support the rights of people living in biodiverse landscapes to re-establish environmental equilibrium and protect humanity from the consequences of climate change and biodiversity loss,  a new report states. The Global Landscapes Forum and the Youth in Landscapes Initiative teamed up to publish seven biodiversity […]

Landscape restoration initiatives in India benefit rural communities, report says

Landscape restoration in India will improve the lives of women, unemployed youth, landless people and small and marginal landholders, according to researchers with World Resources Institute (WRI). A new report focused on the central Indian district of Sidhi suggests that restoring land by growing trees and protecting forests would do more than conserve biodiversity, improve […]

Rwandan farmers plant millions of seedlings in landscape restoration initiative

More than 4 million tree seedlings have been planted by farmers as part of an agroforestry policy implemented by the government of Rwanda, which supports landscape restoration, according to a report in Rwanda’s New Times Daily newspaper. The Regreening Africa initiative is a partnership led by World Agroforestry and non-governmental organizations. It involves 500,000 households […]