U.S. West Faces a Grim Summer as Red Flag Fire and COVID-19 Warnings Mount

Forest Service Photo by Kari Greer Across the Western U.S., surges of COVID-19 cases are colliding with wildfires. New warnings that states with the highest number of cases in the country are now facing immediate fire risk mean the picture is about to get grimmer for this region. National monthly outlooks of significant wildfire potential, […]

COVID-19 Collision with the 2020 Fire Season Will Ignite Multiple Threats

Forest Service Photo by Kari Greer The inevitable collision of wildfires and COVID-19 keeps me up at night. Not in an abstract sense, but more in a requires-allergy-meds-to-sleep type of way. Too many people are suffering already due to COVID-19, and the quickly approaching wildfire season, worsened by climate change, is going to make things […]