The Polar Vortex Has Killed 24 in Texas So Far. Who’s to Blame?

Snow covered Texas satellite Feb 15, 2021. NOAA As we watch most of the country being taken over by this polar vortex, we ponder whether climate change has anything to do with it, and if these extreme events will be more likely to happen in the future. We are transfixed at images coming from Texas, […]

Rapid Intensification and Number of Storms Make 2020 a Record Hurricane Season

Map shows tracks and strength of Atlantic tropical cyclones in 2020. Blues are tropical depressions and tropical storms; yellow through red show hurricanes, darker shades meaning stronger ones. Source and full legend: Master0Garfield, Public domain/Wikimedia Commons As we reach the official end of hurricane season, 2020 will be one for the record books. Looking […]