The creative sector is slowly owning up to its role in the climate crisis

Behind nearly every big culprit of the climate crisis, there’s an army of advertising agencies, public relations services, law firms, and consultants doing their bidding. But they’ve largely stayed in the background, seemingly removed from the climate change conversation. It’s unclear how much longer they can hide, including from their own workers. The New York […]

A trove of free stock images seeks to broaden how we picture climate change

Polar bears, burning forests, and billowing smokestacks are the most common stock images to accompany articles about climate change. But the scope of the crisis is much broader and more nuanced than cute Arctic creatures or doomsday hellscapes. Two efforts introduced at the recent TED Countdown conference on the environment seeks to improve the pool […]

Christiana Figueres reflects on the emotionally charged climate debate that riveted TED

In 2019, the organizers of the TED conference series announced their intent to make the group a global convener for the many disparate factions working to contain climate change. The role, as the most recent TED conference demonstrated, involves staging difficult encounters. For 55 minutes, a discussion—no, a confrontation—between the CEO of a big oil […]