Biden lays out a vision for China relations

Today at the Munich Security Conference, a gathering of world leaders launched during the Cold War and held virtually this year, US president Joe Biden laid out a roadmap for how democracies could approach China. Biden spoke of a renewed transatlantic partnership to tackle the challenges posed by China’s growing economic and political clout. He […]

Xi Jinping sends a warning to the US at Davos

Four years ago, at Davos in Switzerland, Chinese president Xi Jinping defended globalization and anointed himself its leader and protector. It was the first time a Chinese leader had addressed the glitzy gathering of the global elite, and it made a lasting impression, coming just a few days before Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president, […]

“America is back”: World leaders welcome Biden’s inauguration

Past US presidents could historically be relied on by allies to stand up for democracy and multilateral institutions (in words at least, if not always in deed). Countries expecting the same from Donald Trump’s administration have had a rocky four years. For some, Trump represented a welcome break from America’s reputation of meddling in other […]

Biden’s most significant executive actions, from immigration to climate change

Following an unusual inauguration ceremony, US president Joe Biden got right to work. In a symbolic move, Biden signed 17 executive actions, ranging from orders to memoranda and directives, that are in line with the promises he’s made to govern differently from his predecessor, Donald Trump. The flurry of orders—which deal with the pandemic, climate change, […]

The EU reaches an eleventh-hour deal on investment with China

European leaders reached a compromise with China on an investment agreement nearly a decade in the making, two days before the new year—the EU’s self-imposed deadline. Earlier today (Dec. 30), European Council president Charles Michel and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen spoke via videoconference with Chinese president Xi Jinping. They were later joined […]

What a Biden presidency means for the UK

Every four or eight years the US elects a new president who holds a different view of the transatlantic relationship than his predecessor—and the countries of Europe have to adjust. Typically, no matter who is in the White House, London benefits from its “special relationship” with Washington. But UK prime minister Boris Johnson is surely […]