China has big climate plans but the EU isn’t impressed

Chinese president Xi Jinping made a major and unexpected announcement on Tuesday (Sept. 22) at the UN general assembly: China, the world’s second largest economy and largest polluter, will become carbon-neutral by 2060. And yet the European Union, one of China’s biggest allies on climate change, seems decidedly unimpressed. Climate change and the EU-China relationship […]

Do temperature checks for Covid-19 work?

Among the many out-of-body experiences created by this pandemic—moments where I’ve thought, “what would Pre-Covid Me think if she saw me like this?”—none have marked me quite so much as having my temperature checked at the entrance of indoor spaces. Traveling through Turkey in early September, it at first felt alien to approach restaurants, tourist […]

Covid-19 is shaking up the citizenship by investment industry

Before Covid-19 connections and money could buy almost anyone the right to live pretty much anywhere they wanted. The industry known today as CRBI—citizenship and residence by investment—began in 1984 in the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and Nevis, which offered a passport to foreigners who “invested substantially” in their economy. Today, more than half […]

China’s diplomatic visit to Norway is a reminder of its Arctic ambitions

On his first diplomatic trip since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi will stop by Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and… Norway. The inclusion of a non-European Union member on a trip whose purpose is, ostensibly, to celebrate the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China […]

How to read between the lines of China and the EU’s diplomatic statements

The leaders of Europe and China met on Monday (June 22) for a high-level summit to discuss their relationship, and each side wrote up a statement summarizing the meeting afterwards. But a quick skim of those readouts might leave one with the mistaken impression that they attended two different meetings. The divergence in the two […]