Adapting to a changing climate with forests and agroforestry

Over the years, the climate crisis has demonstrated an inevitable impact on humanity. The rising temperature brings consequences such as rising sea levels, more frequent extreme weather and severe heatwaves, with for instance 1.6 billion people at risk of flood in 2050 around the globe, according to the United Nations. It is widely known that […]

Keeping an eye on our forests

Follow the conversation with Anssi Pekkarinen and Julian Fox from U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Veronique De Sy from Wageningen University and Research as they discuss a recent global study that shows promising development in forest monitoring capacity across the globe. Some 85 percent of global forests are now monitored with adequate remote […]

Circular bioeconomy, what next?

More than half of global gross domestic product (GDP) is dependent on nature, according to an estimate by the World Economic Forum. Yet, at the same time, biodiversity is declining faster than at any time in history and nearly a million species are currently at risk of extinction, according to the IPBES’ Global Assessment Report […]