President Biden and Vice President Harris Really Will Listen to the Scientists!

justgrimes/Flickr The Union of Concerned Scientists has advocated for a stronger role of science in our government for a long time. The program I lead, the Center for Science and Democracy, campaigns for that very goal. And we have made extensive recommendations for the next administration to restore, rebuild and improve the role of science […]

After the Insurrection: Accountability, Reform, and the Science of Democracy

The poisonous lies and enablers of sedition–including Senator Hawley, pictured here with the president–will remain even after Trump leaves office. The new president and Congress have the chance to begin to right many wrongs. But they need our strength to hold them to task–and to hold them accountable for resetting the norms, actions, and policies […]

What a Relief! Hopes for the Biden-Harris Administration

Photo: Zac Durant/Unsplash I confess to a palpable sense of relief. After four years of attacks on science, corruption of the process for making science-based decisions, and a government that exacerbated the big challenges facing us like climate change, racial injustice, and the pandemic, I finally have some hope. I remember my father, a Marine […]

A Comeback for Science in the Biden-Harris Administration

Photo: Jiayu Liang/UCS Our government is like a lobster. Every four years in the United States, we have a chance to renew our government. Like a crustacean shedding its old shell so it can grow, our national elections allow us to stretch for a bigger and better democracy. This renewal and election of a new […]

Scientists Step Up to Defend Democracy

About a week ago, I got a call from some scientists at Princeton and Columbia and the Federation of American Scientists. These scientists have been watching the actions of our leaders in this unusual election year, and like many others—myself included—they’re worried that our democracy itself is under threat, and that the science community shouldn’t […]