Renewable Investor Performance Surpassed Fossil Fuels Threefold

According to a new report by the Imperial College Business School and the International Energy Agency (IEA), renewable power investors made three times the gains of fossil fuel investors over the past ten years. There’s been a lot of news about renewables outpacing fossil fuels globally – for example, in the EU, the UK, and […]

A Damaged Amazon Rainforest Is A Net-Contributor To Global Warming

Rainforests help offset emissions from fossil fuel burning because they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In recent years, scientists have been worried that deforestation, drought, carbon emissions, and rising temperatures reduce the world’s rainforests’ capacity to absorb CO2 – especially in the Amazon, the largest, most species-rich jungle globally. (Credit: Basil Smith from Pixabay) […]

New US Bill Proposed Aims To Invest $500 Billion In Electric Public Transit

Four congressional Democrats (Sens. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Ed Markey (Mass.) and Reps. Andrew Levin (Mich.) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.)) introduced a bill (the BUILD GREEN Infrastructure and Jobs Act) to invest $500 billion over ten years in updating and electrifying U.S. bus, fleet vehicles, and rail infrastructure (state, local, and tribal public transportation projects) […]

“Innovator of the Year” Creates Biodegradable Algae Solar Panels That Clean The Air

The largest source of planet-warming emissions is energy consumption for industrial and domestic purposes. According to The International Energy Agency, two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with fossil fuel use for electricity, transportation, heating, and industry. Fortunately, Adán Ramirez Sánchez, a 23-year-old Mexican biotechnologist, found a solution in algae. His invention – Intelligent […]

Bottom Trawling Releases As Much Carbon Emissions As Global Aviation

Bottom trawling is the practice of dragging enormous nets across the ocean floor to catch shrimp, cod, whiting, and other fish. A new preliminary study reveals the procedure emits as much planet-warming carbon as global aviation releases into the air. (Credit: World Fishing and Aquaculture) Therefore, cutting down on this form of fishing by strategically […]

10.3 Million People Displaced By Climate Disasters In Only 6 Months

The rising risk of climate-related displacement needs to be addressed with urgent international action, warned the Red Crescent Societies and International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) in a new report. The IFRC is the world’s largest humanitarian network. It pulled data from the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC) to write the report. The information on […]

The UK Government Reveals Detailed Strategy To Cut Industrial Emissions

The UK government has revealed the blueprint of its fund to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It will spend over £1billion helping hospitals, schools, and industry cut emissions by two-thirds within 15 years and encourage the growth of new low-carbon technologies in the country. Kwasi Kwarteng, UK’s Business and Energy Secretary, said: We were the […]

Cooling Towers Can Be Converted Into Carbon Capture Devices

Startup Noya Labs is looking to turn as many of the roughly two million cooling towers at industrial sites across America into CO2-sucking weapons to use in the combat against climate change. When the company’s founders, Daniel Cavero and Josh Santos, began developing prototypes of the device that attaches to the water coolers, they built […]

Reuse Your Grey Water Easily With This Compact Hydraloop Water Recycling System

Hydraloop’s compact water recycling system looks like a slim wardrobe and can be used in homes, apartment buildings, hotels, offices, and anywhere else with running water. Hydraloop’s mission is to make it easy for everyone to recycle water without the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades or complicated machinery. The company writes on its website: We […]

Scientists Hover Plates Using Only Light, NASA Is Interested

University of Pennsylvania researchers got a pair of small plastic plates to levitate in a vacuum chamber using only light. The two little Mylar pieces hovered off the energy from a set of bright LEDs. The feat was a breakthrough because nobody has ever been able to cause an object that large to float using […]