Manhattan’s New Floating Mobile Campus Is 100% Self-Sufficient

Since our population increases but the land doesn’t, populated cities need to get creative on expanding to fit this growing number of people and their needs. As a solution, many coastal cities are resorting to floating architecture. For example, Penang is building a 4,500-acre floating sustainable city; the Copenhagen Harbor in Denmark will soon have […]

The Moon Will Cause A Surge In Coastal Flooding In The 2030s

Every US coast is expected to experience a rapid rise in high tide floods in the mid-2030s. This is because the lunar cycle will be at its tidal amplification point, which will magnify the sea-level rise caused by climate change. High-tide floods (aka sunny day floods or nuisance floods) are already a familiar problem in […]

Transplanted Bleaching-Resistant Coral Retain Their Resistance To Heat

Katie Barott of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Arts & Sciences led a study to see if climate-change resistant corals could grow on battered reefs after transplantation. Her team took corals that survived a severe bleaching event and transplanted them to a new reef where they retained their resilient qualities. This is excellent news […]

34% of Antarctica’s Ice Will Collapse At 4°C Increase, Causing Severe Sea Level Rise

Antarctica’s surrounding floating ice platforms (ice shelves) are vast yet highly vulnerable to collapse events caused by runoff and melting. And the rising temperatures that accompany climate change aren’t helping the situation. On the contrary, the hotter it gets, the more the ice melts, causing destabilization. This decade has already put the region through the […]

UK Regions Ranked Least To Most Environmentally Friendly

Renewably sourced energy is a base factor in the UK pushing towards a greener way of living. According to the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy data, 871,608 renewable energy sites across the UK produce green energy for the country. All regions reported high levels of solar energy production, meaning solar may be the […]

The UK Starts £30m Trials To Suck CO2 From The Air

Major trials to suck climate-warming carbon dioxide out of the air using various methods – including peat, trees, charcoal, and rock chips – are set to begin across the UK. They’re all part of a £30 million project funded by UK Research and Innovation, aiming to find the most effective and affordable strategy. Over 100 […]

Experts Hail Ammonia As The Fuel of The Future

A lot of the clean energy movement’s early attention was focused on lithium-ion batteries because of the electric vehicle markets. However, lithium alone might not provide enough power to support a complete transition of heavier industries. But all sectors need to convert to clean and sustainable energy sources if the world is to meet zero […]

Hemp Could Be A Crucial Tool In The Fight Against Climate Change

Scientists and industry insiders are increasingly optimistic about hemp’s potential as a tool in the fight against climate change. They say it’s the world’s most versatile natural product and that it can supercharge efforts to avoid environmental catastrophe. Hemp’s natural properties and ability to save land and water can benefit farmers when farmed on a […]

UN Pollution Report Warns Soils Worldwide Are Under Severe Pressure

The world’s soils are under tremendous pressure, damaged and poisoned by farming, mining, industrial, and urban pollution due to poor waste management. We are in trouble if this continues because the soils provide us with 95% of our food. Furthermore, they are the second-largest active store of carbon after the oceans and thus essential in […]

UK Nuclear, Solar, And Wind, Groups Demand 2035 Net Zero Grid Target

The UK’s leading nuclear, solar, and wind industry trade bodies (the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA), Solar Energy UK, and RenewableUK) have joined forces to urge the government to set ambitious clean energy deployment goals, backed by a binding 2035 target for a net-zero emissions power grid. They warn that far more progress is required to […]