The three commonalities of air pollution and climate change

Air pollution and climate change have three commonalities. They: Affect or alter lives Make matters worse Need atmosphere to survive Affect or alter lives This is not something that takes serious contemplation to get one’s head around. In other words, this is not some obscure notion or idea we are talking about here. And, to […]

The climate change exchange: ‘Back-up’ plan

Whether we are talking about atmospheric normalization or global warming’s and/or climate change’s causation, “balance” is the word. That’s right, balance. So in a kind of holistic air-healing sense or maybe more precisely, a holistic air-remedying context, what does being balanced mean exactly? From physics, we know that if an object exerts a force opposite […]

Feeling global warming’s impacts: Agriculture among concerns affected

With each passing year there appears to be more and more pressure put on farmers to feed an ever-expanding population, a prospect made more challenging due to the effects of global warming and/or climate change. Growing seasons are becoming longer. Groundwater reserves, which are relied upon to irrigate crops, are slowly being depleted, some supplies […]

North American cap-and-trade program sees increased emissions-trading activity August vs May

The below in its totality was originally published by Katelyn Roedner Sutter on the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate 411 blog.1 California Mojave Desert-based solar farm The results of the latest Western Climate Initiative cap-and-trade auction were announced today [Aug. 25, 2020] and showed stronger demand for allowances than in the May auction. This meant significantly […]

The climate change exchange: Separating fact from fantasy

A recent comment to the Air Quality Matters post “Why opacity cannot be the singular clean-air determinant” reads: “Climate stories have been dominating worldwide headlines in recent months. It seems that now more than ever, we are becoming increasingly aware of the effect of pollution on both our environment and on our health.” Yes they […]

Air quality in the broader context of a planet undergoing surface warming

The past four or five years are unquestionably among the hottest in history ever recorded: An oft-repeated message and a condition personally witnessed and attested to by myriad people. If world warming of late seems unprecedented that’s because it is. So, too, it would appear is air-pollution-contributed premature death: 7 million worldwide annually according to […]

Messing with weather: Is that messed up – or what? Maybe, maybe not

Fooling with Mother Nature is almost certainly asking for trouble. Where this is going is nobody wants a planet that climate change-wise or temperature change-wise reaches the point of no return. If that happens, it’s theoretically curtains. But, don’t think for a second that humankind can’t change weather or climate. We can and have. Want […]

Climate change: Making or not making air pollution in America worse?

There are three distinct possibilities: There is evidence that climate change has altered the concentration or level of pollution in air The evidence of the effect climate change has on the concentration or level of pollution in air is lacking Climate change has no influence on pollution in air period The American Lung Association seems […]